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For container customers, please ask your Foss Recycling Specialist about access to our customer portal.

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Foss offers a wide range of container sizes, including 10 to 80-yd. containers, 48 to 53-ft. tractor trailers and low and high-side containers.

Excellent Container Services

FOSS IS EXCELLENT at setting up container services and sustainability programs for their local areas, handling appliance recycling, white goods pick-up and more. Contact us today to learn how Foss Recycling can help you, your company, your city or county GO GREEN!

foss recycling container services

Size of containers may vary.


In addition to our corporate recycling services, Foss is proud to offer scrap metal recycling accounts for local governments.

For appliances containing chloroflurocarbons (CFCs), Foss Recycling offers CFC removal and documentation services so the items can be disposed of in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. With our state-of-the-art hauling equipment, no scrap metal load is too big or too difficult for us to handle.

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Used Auto Parts Junkyards & Salvage Yards In Virginia & North Carolina | Scrap Metal Recycling

Our vast fleet allows FOSS RECYCLING to proudly partner with businesses to help increase revenue and further their sustainability goals through convenient container services and scrap metal recycling.

By maintaining a fleet of roll-off trucks and containers, we have the ability to service individual recycling needs or large corporate recycling accounts in a fast, efficient, and dependable manner. Our focus is the same, no matter the size: competitive prices, excellent customer service and being environmentally responsible.

Foss Recycling offers container services for manufacturing, processing, demolition, and other industrial or corporate clients in North Carolina and Virginia. We’ll both supply and pick up your containers, reimbursing you for the scrap metal according to American Metal Market (AMM) prices. Container services are available on a monthly basis via a corporate account, or as a one-time service. Talk to a Foss Recycling Specialist about your organization’s needs - we are happy to accommodate!